Friday, December 6, 2013

A new house for the goats?

Since we moved the goats over to the field they've been sleeping in a cramped, less than 8' x 8' shelter, even though there are other shelters in the field.  Goats don't like to be separated.  The herd must always be together even if they're uncomfortable!   

We're expecting temperatures to drop and some winter weather is approaching which always makes me worry about the animals.  Goats don't like to get wet.  Ever.  Last time we got heavy rains I moved them back to the yard so they'd have their bigger barn.  I'm not doing that this time.  There's way more to eat in the field.  Last week we bought another old horse trailer to use for a moveable shelter so animals can be rotated.  I thought this would be perfect for the goats.  It's bigger than the shelter they've been sleeping in and will let in less rain and snow.  Today I drove it over there and put it very close to the tiny shack.  I didn't see any animals about so I walked to the front of their house and there were all 8 goats and Keri packed in like sardines.
They all came out to see me and I showed them the trailer filled with nice warm bedding.  They inspected in and seemed to like it.  Hooray, I don't need to worry about them this winter.  They'll be just fine in there.

They finally seem content to be in the field and tonight as I left the field none of them followed me to the gate or cried.  Were they settled all nice and cozy in their trailer?

Of course not. 

We've been having warm weather for the past several days but today was the last of the warm temperatures for a while.  I've been craving something chocolate and mint so I made some mint chocolate chip ice cream from Raisa's cream and milk.  It's delicious.  I may not want ice cream once it gets cold so we should probably eat it all tonight :)


  1. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream...yum...

  2. All that closeness would certainly keep them warm...

  3. Oh man, that looks YUMMY! Phylllis