Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Lex says, "something's the maaaaatter"

I swear Lex was following me around the house tonight begging to be dressed up.  I think he's been reading my blog and got jealous.  Of all my animals, he's definitely the most patient when it comes to posing in  costume.  I took at least 30 photos of him in two different attempts. 

You may have to squint a little to get this one.

In this next one the ear looks a little better but his udder looks more like he's peeing a pink bubble.

My first attempt was even worse.  The udder was obscenely large and the shoelace wasn't at all discreet.   I do think the burlap ear was ok though.  I decided asking him to wear a beard might be pushing it.  He earned several treats for being such a good sport.  Afterall, how many dogs would stand having a rubberband wrapped round his ear, a balloon rubbing against his penis (especially after hearing me pop one) and fishing line tied around his waist?

Maybe we'll find a better costume for him.  


  1. NAWWWWWW -- never make a goat...

  2. i'm getting a kick out of how much you love torturing your animals to play dress up. i don't wanna know how you attached that balloon in the first couple pics...happy halloween!