Sunday, October 27, 2013

Buck Dynasty

If only you could smell me after what I went through to get these photos.

The plan was to put camouflage pants, shirt, headband and a beard on Cooper but as it was I was taking my life into my own hands just getting this much on him.  He's pretty aggressive this time of year and super stinky.  He likes the attention so he doesn't run away but he would love to make babies with me.  The shots above were the best I could do.  Here's what most looked like.
On the opposite end of the spectrum was Cato.  He's such a weak, gentle little fella who I feel like I'm going to break.  Dressing him up couldn't have been any easier.  I probably could have left his costume on him and he wouldn't have cared. 

Stay tuned for more Halloween costumes.

Time for a shower.


  1. Ah Karen, once again you tickle my funny bone with your poor bucks!

    Beagle Run

  2. Karen
    Hysterical, love your sense of humor and Copper's expression but even better is the doe looking at him through the fence like, "what the heck is that?"

    Long island