Monday, September 2, 2013

Spider Webs

This morning glistening spider webs caught my eye.  It's very dewy walking through our river bottom land, and at 8 AM the sparkles made it clear we have many spiders grazing in our pasture alongside our pigs, donkeys and goats.  I wasn't sure if I'd be able to capture them with my phone camera but I was pleased with how some of them came out.

When I went out later in the afternoon the webs were gone.  I've read they eat and recycle them.  Tonight when we went to put the chickens to bed we walked over to the trailer to see if the web had been reconstructed.  Our timing was perfect; we were able to watch the spider at work.  I wish I had a video of her spinning her masterpiece.  It's so cool to watch.  She didn't care that I was shining a flashlight on her while she worked.  I understand they don't have good eyesight but still it seems she'd have seen my light. 

I wonder how they choose where to hunt.  I had to knock one down to get into the trailer.   I hope she finds another place to build.  Some are suspended between tall grasses.

It's hard to capture photos of webs when the background is light but a dark background shows them nicely.  Like this one which has been at the entrance of our garage for about a week now.

Unfortunately, when I leave the garage there is bright light behind it and I absentmindedly parade smack through the center of it, leaving the garage with a spider web mask.  I have yet to see this spider.  She probably senses me coming and quickly leaps somewhere safe. 

My favorite web though, was the one built in the corner of Roxie's shed.