Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Roxie got a present

His name is Hiwassee.  That's the town we had to drive to to get him.   Maybe we'll call him Wassee for short.  He's a boar and maybe next year when he's a big boy he and Roxie can make some cute babies.  He's a Yorkshire/Landrace/GOS cross.   I'd still like to get another girl.

Roxie seems thrilled with the company and he has adopted her as his mom for now.  He follows her everywhere and tonight they were sleeping together in her shelter.  It was an easy introduction and I loved watching them share table scraps.  He appears very relaxed and was very quiet in the car too.  Hopefully he's always going to be an easy going guy.  Once I know he'll follow her everywhere I'll expand their pasture to a much larger area which I began preparing today. 

These videos are of them in the first 5 minutes of his arrival.  You can see how he made himself at home right away.


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  1. Love that photo of the two of them. Pig happiness.