Sunday, August 5, 2012

OooooooOuija Board

Some old friends from NC came to visit this weekend.  We hadn't seen them in several years but it felt like no time had passed since we hung out last.  The sign of true friendship. 

After a long, tiring kayak trip yesterday we all somehow got a second wind and played the game Catch Phrase.  We divided ourselves into teams - the introverts against the extroverts.  The introverts won but I'm sure they cheated.  They pretend to be all quiet and unassuming but they're sneakier than they let on.  We definitely need a rematch.

I don't remember why we decided to drag the Ouija Board out next.  Adam had given me this as a Christmas gift a few years ago because I told him I played with one as a kid.  I remember our church youth group leaders getting upset about us using one.  I didn't really get that because to us it was all fun and games.  We saw nothing evil about it.  Looks innocent enough, right?

This one even glows in the dark so we lit candles and turned off the lights.
Today I read that we were supposed to put it on our knees between two people.  We had it on the table so maybe that's why we didn't get the full experience.  We did get some interesting responses though.  We started simple with a yes or no question.  We got the answer we expected and wanted.  Next we asked a question only James and I could know the answer to and had our friends be the ones with their hands on the planchette.
 The above photo is blurred to protect the innocent.  We don't want any demons following them back to NC.

We asked who had lived in this house besides senator Miles Poindexter, whose framed photo we had perched on the table.  The planchette pointed to I and then R.  It stopped there.   One of the women who lived in this house (now deceased) was named Iris.  Hmmm.

We asked what year the senator died in this house.  It pointed to 1964.  Actually he died in 1946 but maybe this spirit was dyslexic.  We asked another question and didn't get an answer at all.

Even after mixed results I think everyone was a little impressed.  No one walked away possessed (not that I know of) and it left us wondering if maybe it really works. 

Today I read some Ouija Board stories warning us not to use this but I'm not scared away just yet.  I also read some tips for how to use it.

1. Play sober.  You'll get better results if you haven't been drinking or smoking.   Good to know.
2. Maintain control. If the board starts giving rude, vulgar, obscene or otherwise disagreeable responses, break off the session immediately by closing the board.  We never felt out of control but that may have been pretty exciting.
3. Don't believe everything the board tells you. Just as with any other source of information, don't accept whatever the board says to be the truth or accurate.  We were prepared to believe anything even though we were sober.
4.  Move it. Purposely move the planchette around in a circle on the board for a moment or two to get it 'warmed upI'm thinking we might have gotten better results had we done this.

5.  Close the board. This is an important step. When you're done with your session, slide the planchette to 'GOODBYE' and remove your hands.  We didn't do this but from what I've read we might be in big trouble.  I think I'll still sleep ok tonight.

Now I want to try it again.  Does that mean I'm obsessed or possessed?

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  1. Ok, here's a surefire way to know whether demons have indeed gotten ahold of you through the board: if anyone, at any time, has an urge to sit in a pig spa, that's when you'll know you need to seek an exorcist.

    Hilarious post.