Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A tub full of fish

Today the fish wagon made his delivery to the Farmer's Co-op.  I wasn't sure if my hot tub was ready for more fish yet but I didn't want to wait another month or 2 for the fish man to come back because it would take even longer to grow them to eating size.  I took a chance and placed my order for 100 six to eight inch channel catfish.  I really only wanted 50 but there's a minimum order of 100.  I hope I didn't overdo it.  The fish man said, "I have some even bigger", so I said, "ok, give me 50 of the smaller and 50 of the bigger".  This way some will be ready earlier.  They're beautiful and they look very cool in the hot tub.  They look bigger in the pictures than they do in person, I think. 

I hope I don't find them all dead tomorrow morning.  I planted some more plants in the grow beds hoping to support more fish.

So far 2 of the 5 red golden pheasant eggs hatched.  These chicks are soooo much smaller than chickens.  I should have expected that since their eggs are half the size of a chicken egg.  They also don't cuddle together like chickens and turkeys.  I looked at them in their rubbermaid tub awhile ago and they were on opposite sides looking dead. I touched them both and woke them.  Oops.  Just checking.  One is darker brown and the other has more yellow on it.  I hope one is a girl and one is a boy.

Cute little guys.  I hope the cricket in there with them doesn't keep them awake.


  1. Cute little guys. What are you planning on doing with the catfish? Just curious.

  2. We're raising them to eat. Also, they support the growth of the plants in the grow beds (gardens) in my aquaponics system. The water with the fish waste gets pumped into the garden beds (filled with gravel, not dirt) and recirculates back into the pond as clean water. At least that is how I hope it's working.

  3. Cute chicks! (I would have poked them too...) Phyllis

  4. You are just WAY too ambitious!!! Neat project!!