Monday, May 21, 2012


I've been letting a few bunnies out of their cages at a time for recess.  A friend gave me a little fence so they could feel grass on their feet.  I thought mama bunny would like it best since she's cooped up with 8 irritating babies.  I put all 9 of them in the playground.  I did not know baby bunnies can climb fences with ease.  They loved playing in the woodshed and under one of our outbuildings.  Three got out and it took me till dark to finally catch the last one and put it to bed.  The big rabbits behave and have stayed in the fence so far.
 The turkeys have more room to run now too.  I moved them into the shed the rabbits used to inhabit.  Three rabbits still live there but they're up off the ground in cages.  The turkeys look so tiny in this space.  In just one week they had outgrown their rubbermaid tub.  What a relief to get them outside.  I hope they don't escape.

Tonight the goats and donkeys got a special treat too.  James and I cut the wheat and afterwards let the goats and donkeys in that garden to browse.  They've been wanting to get in there for months. 

A little frog was using my window screen as a jungle gym tonight.  He was even better at climbing than the baby bunnies.   Soon after taking this picture he leapt to the ground like he was flying, probably because I kept touching his feet to make him move.


  1. Congrats on moving the turks outside! I know how much of a relief that is. :)

  2. Baby bunnies are able to squeeze through the tiniest of openings. I know. My sympathies to you for your rabbit catching adventure. Much like Mary's little lambs, they will come home if left alone, unless something eats them first. :O)

  3. I moved our chicks outside this evening. I'm pretty happy about it! I guess tomorrow I will be cleaning the basement to rid it of chicken smell...bleh! I went out to check on them in their new temporary coop and was surprised to find them stacked on eachother not in their nest. I moved them into the nesting box that was lined with shavings and closed them in. I will have to open it in the morning so they can have access to the rest of their coop. I can't wait to put them with their parents!!