Friday, January 13, 2012

Playing can sometimes get rough

Keri and Wilson have become buddies and playmates.  They really have.  They take turns instigating.  Sometimes even Chy gets in on it.

 Sometimes they just hang out near each other.
 Other times they chase each other.
 Sometimes they just stare at each other.
Today Keri was just asking for trouble.

Later in the day Wilson played a little harder than she wanted.

Ouch, that had to hurt. 

Besides videoing Keri and Wilson I did lots of other things today.  I built a door to the once chicken coop, now rabbit coop.  I took all the rabbits out of the green house and let the girls run loose in their new space.  The smell in the green house was getting too potent.  The 2 boys have to stay in cages, poor guys.  I think they're all pretty happy.

I've made arrangements for one of my pigs to be bred in about a month so that's exciting.  I can't wait to post pictures of goat kids and piglets.  That will mean spring has arrived.


  1. Piglets after all, how fun that will be. Does James mind that I get excited about all your ventures? How many piglets do pigs have?

  2. Karen, I now work at Tuscany in Lexington. The owner/chef, Lisa D'Avanzo mentioned tonight she plans to start offering Rabbit on the menu. Are you interested? I love it there and find the owner lovely as well as the staff. Join us for dinner or perhaps she is in need of fresh basil, garlic or rabbit when you have more than you need. Just a mention...