Friday, October 14, 2011

Sweet potatoes

I can't remember James ever having great success with sweet potatoes.  Maybe he has and I've forgotten.    Today I went out to the garden to take down some netting that was supposed to be keeping animals out.  I wanted to cut the grass and it was in the way.  This was the only time I've looked very closely at the sweet potato plants.  James usually checks for what's ready so I was amazed to find beautiful sweet potatoes rising out of the dark earth before he did.  All I had to do was pull gently and out they came, big, beautiful, reddish sweet potatoes.  My favorite one is the one that looks flamingo-like. 
I wanted to keep pulling more out but figured I'd leave them there until James decided when they should come up since he's the gardener.  I can't wait till he gets home so I can show him how pretty his potatoes are.  I was so distracted by the potatoes (you know, having to clean them and take pictures for my blog) I never did get around to cutting the grass.

Guess what's for dinner.


  1. Great looking potatos, Karen. Sweet potatoes are really easy to grow but I didn't know it until about 5 years before i quit gardening. Once I had one that was 10 inches long by about 5 inches in diameter. i gave it with me Christmas gift at our Garden Club Christmas dinner that year.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Are they a challenge to grow?

  3. Laura, I don't really know since I'm not the gardener. I don't know why he had never had luck before. Now we're told if they are exposed to 90 degrees they will get a thicker skin and keep better. They're in the greenhouse. I hope it reaches 90 in there today.