Tuesday, October 18, 2011

End of season pesto

Doesn't your mouth taste like garlic just looking at this picture?  It's loaded with it, I can tell you that.  James usually grows quite a bit of basil and I'm pretty enthusiastic about using it earlier in the summer and then I often lose interest as the summer wears on.  Today I decided it was time to go out and pick all the big leaves before we get a frost.  There was quite a bit.
We're having some on our roasted vegetables tonight and hopefully I put enough in the freezer to get us through the winter.  Our house smells really good.  There's no better room deodorizer than basil and parsley.  We still have lots of parsley in the garden.  I may have to make a parsley pesto.  We also have more garlic than 50 families could possibly use in one year so if anyone needs any we've got it.


  1. mary pannabecker steinerOctober 20, 2011 at 11:52 AM

    James brought me garlic, but no basil or parsley. Probably thought I had enough of my own but not this year. Some stupid little animal decided to make mincemeat of it. So....if you want to send me some. :)

  2. Karen
    I love Garlic - will definitely have to stop by - love your blog, I didnt really know what I was doing but im listed as a Follower and not member - but have really enjoyed reading it. I was trying to start one myself about the joy of taking care of my mom - may get it figured out soon. By the way - my curious father wants to know what you are doing to the field. I laughed and told him you were making a lazy river :) - keep writing and Ill keep reading.