Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tired of animal videos yet?

It's been really hot here lately and we've had very little rain so, while some people are watering their gardens, I water my pigs.  They're pretty happy about it.  Maybe it will make them grow.  I never get tired of watching them play under the spray of the hose. 

Since Darla is so friendly and has already been around dogs quite a bit I thought she'd be a perfect candidate for introducing Keri to goats.  It went really well and they hung out for about an hour.  Darla wasn't the least bit afraid of Keri.  Keri was fascinated with Darla.  Watch how she copies Darla eating the jasmine.

She also put Keri in her place a few times. 

I'm always afraid to write things like this, for fear I'm jinxing myself and Darla but, it appears she's going to be fine.  I've been putting a salve with grapefruit seed extract and oil of oregano on her neck twice a day and the abscess hasn't returned.  I'm so glad we haven't given up on her. 

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