Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Update on Darla

It appears the surgery was not a success.  Darla's abscess returned.  I had said that the surgery was our last hope and if it didn't work we'd have her euthanized.  I called our wonderful vet, Dr. Dillon, and we discussed it.  She asked if I could bring her in today so she could take a look at her.  Before it was time to go I held Darla on my lap and we cuddled awhile.  She followed me to the car when it was time and I brought along a box of tissues just in case. 

Dr. Dillon came right out to the waiting room and stooped on the floor to check her out.  We talked, I cried.  She suggested I take her to VA Tech in hopes that they might have other ideas.  Like me, she wasn't ready to give up on her.  She arranged for me to see a vet that she really likes, is very good and will understand that Darla is a pet, not livestock.  So tomorrow morning at 10:00 Darla will once again take a car ride and be poked and prodded.  If by some miracle Darla survives all of this I'm going to take her hiking and on car rides.  She's such a good traveler and companion.  She follows me anywhere. 

As I waited for the vet to write up my bill for the surgery she never charged me for Darla left a huge puddle and pile on the waiting room floor and my lap which I then had to clean up while everyone else watched and giggled.  One man with a 12 year old boxer was just amazed at how his dog watched Darla walk all around the waiting room and completely left her alone.  He had just gotten done bragging to me about how his dog still acted very lively and was great at catching a frisbee.  As we left the vet's office I told him Darla could catch a frisbee too.  He smiled but I don't think he believed me.

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