Friday, June 24, 2011

Goodbye Shamus

Today Shamus was adopted by Mike.  Mike bought one of my little boys, Elton, this spring, who happens to be one of Shamus' offspring.  I cried just a little as they drove off but not like I thought I would.  I think the reason I didn't cry so hard is because Shamus was lying on the floorboard of the truck between Mike's mom's legs and she was petting and talking to him.  He looked like he was enjoying every minute of it. 

Shamus was born here last spring - Poppy's only kid.  He was the cutest little guy.
He won everyone over who met him.  That's why I kept him - because he was so sweet.  Owning and breeding dairy goats can be exciting yet tough at times.  The girls need to be bred every year which means making decisions on who to keep and who to sell.  Sometimes your heart rules your head, which was the case with Shamus.  There was only one Mini LaMancha doe I could breed him with so I had to use my head this year.  All I need is one Mini LaMancha buck for 3 girls.  Unfortunately for Shamus (or maybe not) it made more sense to keep Jimmy.  I'm sure Shamus will make many new friends at Mike's place. 

Thanks Mike, for giving Shamus a good home.  I look forward to hearing all about him and his new friends. 


  1. He is a keeper...I love him already. Mike

  2. I'm glad, Mike. I don't think I could have found him a better home.

  3. Aw...bye bye sweet Shamus!

  4. I'll miss him, he was my favorite boy!