Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pees in the garden

I read an article today about how mixing urine with wood ash is a great fertilizer for your tomatoes, in fact you can expect your yield to be 4 times greater.  This seems to me to be the ultimate eco-friendly fertilizer.  We burn a lot of wood and, well, sometimes you just can't make it into the house in time to reach the bathroom.  We've read before that peeing around your garden may dissuade animals from eating your vegetables so this may serve 3 purposes - fertilizer, repellant and an excuse to pee outdoors.  Apparently it works just as well on corn, cabbage, cucumbers and other crops (it did not mention peas).  In case you're concerned about getting ill from this fertilizer the article also said this:

The university study, published in this month's Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, found using nitrogen-rich urine does not carry any risk of disease.
When combined with wood ash is perfect to provide minerals and reduce the acidity of soil.
Report author Surenda Pradhen said the findings could lead to a new source of cheap fertiliser without the need to use potentially dangerous chemicals.

I'll let you know if James gives this a try and what his results are if he does.  Now if someone could tell me of an eco-friendly weed killer that won't also kill desirable plants that would be awesome.

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