Friday, May 27, 2011

Copper Killing Cone and a Rivet Tool

Last year when we harvested our turkeys I made a killing cone out of some lightweight flashing.  It barely held up through 6 turkeys but it got the job done.  Yesterday I finally made a chicken-sized one since my friend has been giving me roosters every now and then. 

This time I used leftover copper from when we had our roof done.  I've used this copper for all kinds of things and will be disappointed when it's gone.  A friend loaned me his riveting tool to hold the cone together.  I'd never used one and was going to buy one because I thought it would be cheaper than ordering a killing cone online and paying shipping.  What a neat tool.  It was so simple to use and really handy.  I'm trying to think of what else I'd use it for if I bought one. 

I cut out a piece of paper in the shape and size I wanted my cone to be to use as a template.  I got the dimensions from someone else's blog.  It took me no more than 30 minutes to make the cone.  It still has rough edges but if a chicken fits in I think I'm going to be really happy with it.  No more hanging roosters by their feet with a bungie cord.  Thanks, John, for being so generous with your tools.


  1. Thank you again, for not doing these things when I was there! I just can't do it!!!!


  2. I need make one. You make it look simple, and I am hoping it is less traumatic than the off with their heads method I am currently using.