Monday, July 12, 2010

Rain and mischief

We finally got a really good rain today.  It began as James was finishing up planting some more corn.  Perfect timing.

The goats hate rain so they stay in their barn and little houses and watch out their doorways.  I didn't visit with them much today because of the rain.  Once it slowed down I went outside to take a video of the magpie ducks because the one with the lame leg is now finally walking, well, kind of gimping, but still...

The ducks quickly escaped my lens before I got a chance to video them but it's good I went out there because I heard sounds of crashing metal coming from the goat's barn.  Hmm, I knew something was amiss.  Sure enough, what I found didn't make me happy yet I had to laugh in spite of myself.  Remember awhile back I blogged about them opening stalls and letting their babies out?  Well, today they opened the feed stall.  I think the noise was their dishes banging onto the floor or against the metal trash cans I keep their food in.  Somehow 7 goats were squeezed into this 5' X 4' stall which has 2 large garbage cans, a bale of hay and a shelf I keep their bowls on.  The shelf had been pushed forward and Flower and her daughter, Sprint, were stuck behind it.  Sprint was on her mom's back and neither of them could move.   It took lots of strength and maneuvering to eventually work them out of there.  Polly and her little babies were munching on the hay and Fresca was standing on top the garbage can.  Outside the stall was an empty bag of deworming pellets.  I have no idea how much I had left in there or how many goats partook in this feast but tonight everyone seems ok so I guess it hasn't hurt anyone.  I also found their expensive bag of minerals on the ground but it didn't look like much had spilled.
I took care of some indoor stuff today since I had the rain as a good excuse.  I syphoned the wine from the primary fermenters to the glass carboys where they will spend a few more months.  Both wines are wineberry, using somewhat the same recipe.  To show how inexact I am at following a recipe, look at the difference in colors of these wines.
I wonder if once the sediment settles, will they look closer to the same color.

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