Thursday, July 22, 2010

Myduck knows she's a duck

This morning I decided to give Myduck another chance to meet her duck family but I really didn't think Ginger would accept her and I wasn't so sure Myduck would be interested in them either, afterall, she loves me, right?

I set her down on the ground, Ginger honked and Myduck ran right to her and the other 2 babies.  Ginger touched her with her bill a few times but didn't hurt her or anything.  Myduck never looked my way again, not even when I called her name.  It's been more than 12 hours now and they all seem to have adopted each other quite nicely.   Of course I checked on her all day.  I was concerned Ginger wouldn't keep her warm at night but at dusk all 3 babies were huddled near her so I think it will be ok. 

I'm happy it all worked out but it made me just a little sad.  I guess she wasn't really My Duck.


  1. You were a good mommy. I am just amazed you could open the shell and she survived. Wow.
    XO LO

  2. What a Beautiful story!!! You are such a good mom and good farmer.