Friday, April 21, 2017

My piano man

I probably shouldn't post a picture of this painting until I call it finished but I wonder if I'll ever know if it's finished.  I've been wanting to paint a picture of James' piano for a while and even had a sketch of it for a very long time before I finally dug into it.  For those of you who don't paint or draw, a grand piano is really hard to paint.  It has so many angles and descending lines, and lighting changes constantly on these angles.  I'm still awaiting comments from my real artist friends for their input so I'll probably make some more changes yet.  For now, James seems to like it and that's all that matters.  Baxter hasn't said if he approves or not.

I've been painting a lot these days and it's hard to tell if I'm getting better or not, sometimes.  I'll just keep painting because it's so much fun.


  1. The piano is fantastic! Are the bench legs long enough? I forget the height of a piano bench. Love the clothes--love it all.

  2. You are getting better . . . not at all hard to tell . . . keep it up. I lovelovelove the painting of Lornie's dogs . . . magic.