Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Emmy and Millie

These may be our final kids of the season and I finally got to watch the births.  Darla is a pro and breezed through the whole thing.  A new young friend, Emily, watched with me, so that's how I came up with Emmy and Millie.  I really love both those names.  The one with the funny ears is Millie.  The other girl's ears can't decide what they want to do either.  Sometimes they stand up straight like a rabbit.

All the other kids are doing well too and are about as sweet as any kids I've ever had.  I just love this little crew.  In a few more days when they're all bouncing I'll get some video to post.  All kids will be for sale this year.  No matter how much I like them, I'm not keeping more.  

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