Sunday, June 19, 2016

Thai bear pot pie

Last night James and I joined 3 other couples for a Thai dinner.  Several months back we had an Indian dinner which we all made our version of Indian dishes.  Super delicious.  Last night's dinner was equally as yummy.  My contribution to the dinner was probably as far from authentic Thai food as you could get except for the fact that I used seasonings that you'd find in Thai food - Thai green curry, fresh ginger, garlic, lime juice, fish sauce, peanuts........  I'm not real sure they make pot pies in Thailand but I do know they have bears there so maybe they eat bear but bear pot pie??  Not so sure.

Our friend Manley brought us some bear meat when he was here for Adam and Melissa's wedding last week and I couldn't resist sharing it with friends.  Thank you Manley.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I even had it for breakfast this morning.  Everyone ate it last night so I considered it a success.

I think our next dinner gathering for these couples is a meal of hot dogs.  How can I be creative with hot dogs?  Love a good hot dog.

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