Saturday, January 23, 2016

I love to go a wandering along the snowy track (not)

and as I plod I'm weighted down by 2 gallons on my back... valdereee, valderahhh.

In total I think we got something like 17 or 18 inches of snow, though it's now compacted into about a foot.  We (mostly James) shoveled the driveway yesterday every time it had 3 inches on it.  We did this 3 times.  Weird how the driveway got longer and longer as the day went on.  We quit before dusk.  Today James shoveled another 8 inches or so.  I think he was out there 8 hours.

I was afraid to drive the truck to the field to milk so I walked, carrying most of what I needed on my back.  The load home was a bit harder because I was carrying 2 gallons of Raisa's milk.
I took the road because it was easier walking than trekking through the field.  I've never tried snowshoes but I think I'd like to.
Eventually I had to walk through the deep stuff.  Like the long driveway, the barn seemed farther away today than usual.
Papa had icicles hanging from his face.  Franklin and Lennon tend to use the shelters more than Papa so they weren't as snowy.

All the animals seemed fine, though Cooper and Spotify (pig) were shivering.  It doesn't help that Coopers ears hang in the water when he drinks.

I followed the donkey and cow paths through the snow to get hay for the boys' side of the fence.  On the way back to the milk barn I began following the dogs' trail.  That was a mistake.  Donkeys and cows walk pretty straight lines.  Dogs zigzag all over the place and do it in record time.  I found my way back to the donkey path.  Perhaps you can see the dog trails in this picture.
No one was out fishing today.
The chickens never stepped foot out of the barn.  When I opened their door this morning I'm pretty sure I heard one of them cluck, "what the flock?!!"  They've been very generous with their eggs lately so they must not be too upset.
Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and nearly 40 degrees.  That's more like it.


  1. You're animals have a wonderful caretaker!

  2. Dragging through the snow is never any fun. Glad you are the strong women, and hope it does melt some tomorrow. Pretty Pictures. When will you kid?

  3. Thanks Lisa.
    Barb, kidding season doesn't begin here until March, thank goodness. How 'bout your place. Lambs on the ground yet?

  4. What great pictures! My hand went into the cold of the refrigerator for milk. That's far enough for me.