Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's peachy how it turned out

This is our year for peaches, finally.  James planted an orchard  of apples, plums, peaches, pears, and cherries shortly after we bought our house.  He thinks it was 2005.  I'm terrible when it comes to remembering years.
In those 10 years we've eaten very little fruit from this orchard. Either the groundhogs stole it, the birds gobbled it, or the trees produced little to no fruit.  It's been very disappointing.  Five years ago James ate some really tasty peaches we got from another orchard.  He planted the pits to see if anything would come of it.  He started them in the green house and this is what those pits grew into.  The smaller shrubs on the right are pomegranates he also started from seeds.  They have yet to produce.
 This tree is splayed from the weight of the peaches.
The peach tree in the 10 year old orchard finally produced but the peaches aren't quite as pretty as the ones grown from the pits James started.
I wish we could just pick a few every day and eat them instead of being forced to pick them all and find something to do with them like freeze or can them.  Our shelves are pretty full and peaches are always best when they're fresh.  Oh well, I shouldn't complain.  Tomorrow we may wake up and find groundhogs ate every last one of them.  Did you know groundhogs can climb trees?

On another note - a black snake showed up in the chicken barn today.  I think someone told him we were getting eggs again.


  1. We have a good, continuous run of fruit since mid-June: black raspberries, wineberries, blackberries, and now peaches and grapes. Soon, watermelons.

  2. I'm jealous though...peach jam is our best received gift and also our favorite jam.