Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Those sweet boys

I don't know what it is about boys on this farm that I find so special.  If I don't make an appointment at the butcher for Windsor in the next 4 or 5 months he may just have to stay.  He's about as darling as a steer could possibly be.  Today I was mucking out the barn.  He stood close by waiting for each time my back would get sore and I'd hug him or give him a rub down.  I put Pandora on and set my phone on the barn rail.  He walked over and stood by it like he was listening to the music.  He probably stayed there for half an hour.  I need to get a radio down there so I can play music louder for him.  Papa and Raisa have already shedded out most of their winter coats but Windsor is still very fluffy.  Maybe it's his baby coat.  He turned one year old this month.

Rex is my other really sweet boy.  He's getting close to 8 months old and I finally have an appointment for him to be neutered tomorrow. Where did the time go?  He's not as heavy as Keri yet but he's just about as tall and it's hard to tell them apart.  His goofiness usually gives him away.  I have to admit he's been much easier to raise than Keri.  Maybe because he had Keri to help raise him.  We've had 3 babies (humans) visit in the last week and a half.  Rex behaved beautifully with them except for the fact that he wanted to lick their faces and sniff them all over.  
All this little girl wanted to do was look at buttercups.  All Rex wanted to do was be on top of her while she looked at buttercups.  Can you blame him?
Poor Rex, didn't have a chance with this little boy.  He was out of reach.  Darn those baby bjorns.
Ok, this next boy isn't quite as cuddly as Rex and Windsor but he's still a pretty cool guy.  Wendell is beginning to seem more and more like Roxie in nature.  It takes very little coaxing to get him to roll over for a tummy rub.  He'll stay there until you quit.
Yes, the little kids are cute but I still love old Cooper more.  The girls love him too.
He may be stinky, old, arthritic and crusty but there's still something about him that holds a special place in my heart.  I worry he may not make it through another winter.  He's moving slower and slower and this last winter really took its toll on him .  He shivers unless it's in the 50s or above and he spends more time alone than he used to.  I think it's because he can't keep up with the others so he doesn't try.  

I haven't gotten attached to a rooster in a while.  Not since Foggy, I think.  I have one friendly little rooster but I guess I don't spend enough time with him to get to know him.  If only they had fur instead of feathers.

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  1. Aw, baby goats are so much fun!!! You have a beautiful place.