Saturday, February 14, 2015

28 Valentine's Days WARNING: this may make you gag.

So much has changed in the 28 years James and I have been together but at the same time so much stays the same.  I have no idea how many heart shaped brownies or cakes I've made for Valentine's Day.  I'm going to guess at least 20.  Does James get tired of these?  From the looks of it, I don't think so.
How many poems has he written me for Valentine's Day?  Many more than 28.  Today I got 3.
Do I get tired of them?  NEVER!
How can a carved heart not make a wife feel loved?
This afternoon Adam texted us happy valentine's day and told us what he made for Melissa for an early dinner.  James and I separately texted Adam back.
Me:  "Sounds yummy. Happy Valentine's Day to you too.  Dad and I moved the safes today.......Pop Pop is back in the hospital........"
James: "Sounds yummy.  We just moved the safes around.  That was a challenge.......Pop Pop is back in the hospital......"
I guess that's what happens when you're together 28 years.  Married minds think alike.

We had planned to go to the piano bar tonight for a special treat but, being the boring old married couple, decided we'd rather stay home for a home-cooked dinner and an evening of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix.

I'd be happy with 28 more Valentine's Days just like this one except for my dad being in the hospital.  He recently had a heart attack and today was feeling crummy and had to go back to the hospital.  Any prayers for healing my dad's heart are appreciated.


  1. Susan Johnson PraetoriusFebruary 14, 2015 at 7:26 PM

    Karen, Happy Valentines to you and James:) With the bitter cold and snow that started around 1:00 this afternoon... our dinner plans were cancelled. We were to go out with my sister's and 8 of us total. But we enjoyed home and watching the snow fall. We will make it up soon. I'm happy your day with James was a great day the sounds of it:) Bitter sweet though to hear about your Father. Our prayers are sent out to your Dad and a speedy recovery in health and wellness soon:)

  2. Hi Karen & James....Love your blog and getting to know you two. We sure need more Love & Understanding in this crazy world we live in. Our gang is fortunate to live where we do in this beautiful county, good choices. These days I'm a one man Romantic, but lucky to have many wonderful Valentines in my life. Its 7 degrees here on Plank Road....your message helped to warm my morning.......