Monday, May 19, 2014

Disorganized planting and moving animals

Many of the animals have been relocated again.  The goats and Keri are back to the field, this time sharing space with the cows and donkeys so I don't have to keep moving the milking machine back and forth between the goats and Raisa.  Also, there was a big hole in their fence here at the house and a few found their way out to eat the honeysuckle on the other side.  It's very chaotic at milking time and I haven't figured out a good way to manage things yet.  The goats, donkeys and cows coexist very nicely.  Keri and Raisa are still trying to decide who's boss.  Mostly they ignore each other.  If Keri chases Raisa because she's too close to the goats or me Raisa turns and chases her right back.

The pigs spent most of their winter with a whole 10 acres at their disposal.  Now they're fenced in a smaller area and I plan to rotate them around the 10 acres.  In the meantime we're planting food for them in most of the spots they've dug up.  Today we began by planting in the area they will end up in come Fall.  We planted watermelons, pumpkins and cantaloupe so far.  It's my kind of planting because there's very little prep work.  Wherever we saw dirt we made a mound and put some seeds in.

It's fun planting and not worrying about surrounding grasses.  I have no idea how many mounds we made today.  We didn't even put a dent in the bag of seeds or the field.
We also have corn and greens to plant.  I checked the 10 day forecast and there's not much rain predicted.  I hope we get some showers soon.  There's no easy way to water what we planted so far.

Kevin was also moved.  He never seemed to fit in with the other pigs.  They picked on him so he stayed away.  He liked the goats more but I didn't want him rooting on the side of the fence the donkeys and cows are on.   We couldn't have him digging up what we're planting so he's now living in the old buck pen.  I feel bad that he's alone.  Yesterday Baxter spent some time with him.  They seem to like chasing each other.  Maybe having Kevin on this side of the road will keep Baxter at home.  He really likes visiting pigs.  Moving him was a no brainer.  I opened up the back of the station wagon showed him a bowl of food and in he went, with just a little help from me lifting his back end because he was too short.  He rode nicely and followed the bowl into his new fence.

The mammoth donkeys are closed in a smaller space around their shelter so they can't eat too much and founder.  The ribbon I have around them isn't electrified but they don't seem to know that.  The goats can walk freely under it so the donkeys can still have company.  They like having the goats with them.  The kids stand with their front feet on the donkeys legs to chew on them or check them out.  Willo and Jaz don't seem to mind a bit.

Four little chicks are living in our basement till they're old enough to move outdoors.  Only 4 of 9 eggs in my incubator hatched.  I'm going to put some more in in a few days.  Maybe I'll have better luck.

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