Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I'm done farming

I've shed many tears and lost lots of sleep over that past week, stuff I haven't shared on Holes In My Jeans because I've been too sad to write.

I'm not going to go into detail except to say it's just too hard and I've decided to sell all my animals except our dogs and parrot.

I'll write more when I feel ready.  I just don't know what I'll have to write about.  


  1. You know what? I've been complaining today about how no one pranked me yet, which didn't feel fair considering I passed out a few good ones of my own. So thank you, Karen Pannabecker, for making my April 1 complete!

    (and, uh, if it's not a joke, my condolences and disregard this message)

  2. Maybe it's that Italian internship coming up. Don't forget to renew our passports!

  3. Oh, and hey, don Juan, would you like to farm-sit for a while?

  4. I'm not talking to you James until you tell me what the mushroom is!

  5. Haha! Even though I read it a day late, this is the FIRST joke I ever got. Usually I gullibly believe every pregnancy announcement and amazing job opportunity I see. But this one didn't get me for a second. I'm so proud of me!
    Is that a good thing that I know deep in my soul you're a farmer?