Saturday, February 22, 2014

Water water everywhere

We're lucky to be surrounded on three sides by water - Elk Creek to our south and east and the James River to our north.  After 14 inches of snow and then several days in the 60s and some heavy rain we had even more water than usual.  I wish I took pictures of the yard yesterday.  You can see one of the small ponds in the video of Baxter and the donkeys.  Today most of it has sunk into the ground and it's super mushy to walk on.

I really thought the river would be higher than it is.  Today Baxter and I took a few laps around the field and I took some pictures of the river and creek.  Elk Creek was a really pretty green color.
The James River is pretty muddy from all the rain and snow melt but you can't tell in this picture.
This picture is taken of the creek behind the house.  The rock formation on the right is where our farm got it's name, Elk Cliff Farm.  It's not really much of a cliff at all.  There's a nice swimming hole right at the bend but we hardly ever get in it because it's so cold.
This next one is the James River Rd. bridge, looking in the direction of the river.
Baxter got in the creek for the first time.
All these water pictures get me excited for summer when we can play in water again.  Today it was 70 degrees.  I can't stand the thought of going back to 20s and 30s again.  

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