Friday, April 19, 2013

Year of the girls

We've had 11 kids born in the past 6 weeks.  Only 3 of them were boys.  Yay for girls!  Boys are harder to sell and the ones we don't sell become dinner eventually so we always hope for girls. 

Today Tila and Respa (mother and daughter) each gave me a set of twin doelings within an hour of each other.  I checked and double checked to be sure I wasn't seeing things when I turned the kids over to check out body parts.  This little girl is going to look just like her mom.
 This next little girl I think is striking.

Tila was a pro.  This was her second kidding and she knew exactly what to do.  The kids are nursing nicely and she seems very content.
Respa had no idea what was happening to her.  She was outdoors and walked around for quite awhile with one little foot sticking out of her.  She laid by a kayak while Luti's kids tried to climb on her.  The donkeys knew something special was going on and stood nearby to watch.
She had both kids while walking and me following behind trying to keep them from falling on filthy ground.  I wasn't successful but all are ok.
I moved the kids to the barn and put them in a clean stall and had to drag Respa by the collar to show her they belonged to her.  She wasn't at all interested at first and I'm sure she wondered why I locked her in a stall with these kids.  They were quick to get up and try nursing.  Surprisingly she let them right away.  She doesn't have much milk yet and I'm hoping tomorrow she'll have more.  I've never had a doe be so slow coming in to milk.  The kids seem satisfied though.  Tila's udder looks beautiful.  Respa figured it all out and is now talking to her kids and hovering like all the other moms.  I told her how proud I am of her.  She has been my baby for a year and it's hard to believe she's a mom.  After she had the kids she kept wanting to lick me and not the kids.  These little girls don't have names yet.

Here's a video with shots of all the families.



  1. Congratulations! 7 does! They are beauties.


  2. Wow how wonderful. Congratulations!!

  3. Karen they are WONDERFUL!!!! Congratulations. Cant believe you got all does.

  4. Yeah Tila and Respa! They're beautiful.
    We have nine kids over here with Nellie and Spring still to go. 4 doelings, 5 bucklings.


  5. With so many little ones, year after year (and maybe starting at 1 year old is under doing it??) how on earth do you find names for them all? Do you ever repeat names? And finally, how many does are still waiting for the blessed event, or did this complete this year's offerings?

  6. I only have one doe left to kid and she's not due till the end of June. Naming is fun. I had a guest yesterday and let her name Respa's kids. She named them Thelma and Louise. Once they're sold their new owner often changes their name anyway so it doesn't matter what I name them. I haven't repeated a name yet, though I've been tempted.