Thursday, July 26, 2012

Important notice

We've had lots of company lately.  As a matter-of-fact, we'll have had 32 people staying here in 2 1/2 weeks.  I just want to say this - from here on out I expect every visitor (or group of visitors) to provide me with a blog entry.  I mean, a really entertaining blog entry.  No one is here tomorrow but on Saturday a group of 19 folks from PA arrive and I have VERY high hopes for something juicy, even though it's a church mission team.  Do you hear that, you Methodists?  I have high expectations from you.  Get your game on.  I know you thought you were doing mission work.  Well, I have a mission for you too.  I think I'm giving you plenty of notice.

Has this scared any potential visitors away or challenged you?

On another note:  A friend sent me this picture on Facebook
 Whadda ya think?  Think I could train a pig to pull a cart?  Anyone have a pig harness I could borrow? 


  1. Well I think me and bill set the bar pretty high with our blog about the pig spa. LOL. Thanks again for having us. Love u guys!
    Kay and Bill

  2. Before I expanded the picture I had hopes that it was James being pulled by one of your piglets. Imagine my disappointment... I think we need to have more animal harnesses so we can utilize all the pulling energy of our domesticated animals. Chicken harness, anyone?