Sunday, November 27, 2011

Golden raisins soaked in gin for joint pain

I know, I know, first I post about shrinking and then I write about joint pain.   I'll admit it, I'm getting old, or at least old enough to talk about my ailments.  Bear with me or don't.  You can click on the X any time you like.  One of the reasons I went to my doctor and found out I was turning into the amazing shrinking woman was because my joints have been hurting so badly and I was hoping she was going to give me an explanation  I could live with.  I was convinced I have lyme disease because I hurt so badly and felt fatigued.  This all came on in the past 2 months.  I tested negative for lyme which told me nothing. 

Some of you may remember I treated my goat buck with teasel root awhile back because he struggled to get up off the ground.  We had incredible results.  He seems to be just fine now.  So teasel root it was for me.  I have a few friends who keep tinctures available for all kinds of ailments so I've been taking teasel root along with some other things with pretty good results.  I'm not near as tired as I was and my joints are a little better but not as pain free as I'd like them to be. 

I had lunch with a friend a few weeks ago and she reminded me of a home remedy that I'd heard about in the past but forgot about.  Gin and golden raisins for arthritis and joint pain.  Ah yes.  Why not?  So I'm trying it.  I just Googled it and here's a website with some reviews, mostly favorable.
Has anyone else tried this with success?

Next I'll tell you about my colonoscopy.  No I won't.  I'm saving that for when I'm just a little bit older. 


  1. I was in the Kroger the other day and a box of golden raisins jumped out at me so I bought them dreading that now I was going to have to do the research. Thanks for doing it for me. My mom tried it a long time ago but I don't remember how it went with her.

  2. mary pannabecker steinerNovember 28, 2011 at 9:46 AM

    Here's another one for you to try: Curcumin (turmeric) works well for me. Mary's son who has CF takes it to reduce the inflammation in his lungs.

  3. Mom does that little trick! She says it will practically put hair on your chest, but it does seem to help her. Good luck! I'm glad it wasn't Lyme disease by the way.

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