Monday, November 1, 2010

Farmhouse cheddar cheese taste test

Today Lucas and Ann came over to pick up the cheese we made together a month and a half ago.  Remember how I blogged about how much yellower his cow's cheese was than my goat's?   Farmhouse cheddar only has to age a month so that's why we chose that recipe.  We decided it was time to do a taste test.  We took a slice of each.  You can see the difference in the color in this picture.
They didn't taste anything like each other.  They were both ok but not great, in my opinion.   I like the cheddars that are aged longer.  I'm going to rewax mine and see if I like it any better at a later date.  Tomorrow they're coming over again and we're going to make another cheese from their milk.
There's so much I want to learn about cheese making.  I'm going to call a local cheese maker and see if I can visit them, see their operation and pick their brains.  I had their cheese last week and it was excellent.

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